Matrica Nominator 5 Press Release April 2021

Matrica Releases Nominator® 5 for Electricity

London – April 2021: Matrica, a leading provider of AI-based predictive analytics solutions for the energy and retail markets, today announced the release of Nominator® 5 for Electricity, the latest version of its flagship platform for demand and renewables generation forecasting, and smart-grid data management.

Nominator® 5 represents Matrica’s latest advance into providing a comprehensive ‘big data’ solution for market participants operating in the new world of sustainable energy and smart-grids.

The new functionalities of Nominator® 5 are driven by the arrival of ‘big data’ in the energy sector, fuelling the exponential growth of data quantities used in forecasting to drive short-term trading decisions around intermittent and flexible assets .

Nominator® 5 offers significant advances in functionality over earlier versions:

  • Future-proof, big-data enabled (via Apache Cassandra) , free of the major storage and processing-time constraints imposed by relational databases;
  • A new multi-tier architecture, delivering improved scalability and performance;
  • Ability to model and forecast all types of flexible physical asset on the smart grid including renewables generation, battery-storage, electric vehicles, demand-side response, and behind-the-meter;
  • Ability to integrate intra-day forecasts directly with the input stage of algo-trading systems through automated delivery;
  • A new functional-module structure, providing point solutions for specific business areas such as:
    • Forecasting of renewables generation output;
    • Forecasting of non-commodity costs, including environmental taxes & levies;
    • Point-of-Sale forecasting of revenues, costs, and margins, including volumetric risk;
    • Supporting the Elective Half-Hourly Settlement decision, based on the HH and NHH charge-regimes;
    • Providing advanced warning of unscheduled outages resulting from extreme weather events, environmental factors, or imminent mechanical failure;
  • Enhanced graphical and numeric reporting, including improved interfaces to 3 rd party BI tools;
  • Enhanced automation and scripting;
  • Improved UI, offering a more intuitive, enhanced look-and-feel experience;

In common with previous versions, Nominator® 5 continues to combine all the flexibility of a spreadsheet within a robust data management structure. Users of earlier versions will find all their familiar industry data-flow capture, data validation, modelling functionalities, reporting, automation, and system management functionalities, but controlled from an improved UI.

Matrica has also widened the scope of market participant able to benefit from Nominator® to include Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs). They will now be able to use Nominator® 5 as their core solution for offering value-add services to the retail energy market, such as identifying energy usage savings and production efficiency gains, better supplier-tender management, forecasting non-commodity costs, and improving the management of volumetric risk in pass-through contracts.

Dr Mark Earthey, Matrica’s Product Strategy Director, said that, “Data quantities used in the electricity markets have risen by four orders of magnitude since 1990, so big data has arrived with a vengeance. Nominator® 5 confronts the issues of big data head on, enabling market participants to identify the threats and opportunities the smart grid poses, and forecast with confidence using a future-proof solution”.

In keeping with previous versions, Matrica supplements Nominator® 5 with a full range of technical support and business consultancy packages.

Clients may install Nominator® 5 on-site, on-cloud, or access its functional modules via SaaS.

To find out more about Nominator® 5’s specific features and benefits, please click here to download the brochure or contact us.

April, 2021