Matrica and IntelliQ Collaborate to offer Retail Fraud-Prevention Solutions Matrica and IntelliQ Collaborate to offer Retail Fraud-Prevention Solutions


The Partnership


Matrica, a leading provider of AI-based predictive analytics solutions for the energy and retail markets, announces its partnership with IntelliQ, leading experts in the Retail Loss Prevention Sector.

Matrica and IntelliQ announce a collaboration that enables clients in the European, North American, and Asian Pacific region to tackle Point-of-Sale fraud, and to gain full visibility of the hidden losses within businesses in order to reduce their retail shrinkage. Matrica has gained a trusted partner. Together, Matrica and IntelliQ will fight retail shrinkage by deploying till-fraud prevention systems based on Matrica’s AI-based pattern-recognition technology.

Matrica has evolved and developed over the past 28 years from developing energy and utilities forecasting systems into creating solutions for the retail loss-prevention sector. Matrica’s Nominator software suite is designed around a generic and highly-configurable data management and predictive analytics platform, based on AI and machine learning. The Nominator Platform can be customised according to each user’s functional requirements, achieved through a modular design via business logic and data processing. Due to the flexibility of the Nominator platform, it can be adapted to the needs of any business sector.

Matrica’s Nominator software is used at major energy companies around the world including, the UK, Scandinavia, EU, China, and North Africa.




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Matrica Tel: +44 207 536 2950

Prudence Mauthoor, Managing Director

Dr Mark Earthey, Product Strategy Director


IntelliQ Tel: +44 (0) 207 51 71 000

Alexander Jazayeri, Chief Executive Officer


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About Matrica

Headquartered in London, Matrica is the leading provider of predictive analytics software, and professional services for the energy, utilities, and retail sectors. Matrica offers highly configurable forecasting and pattern-recognition solutions for supplier demand, renewable generation, grid optimisation, and retail fraud-prevention operations. Matrica’s system designs draw on nearly three decades of market experience, and its solutions are deployed in both deregulated and regulated markets. Matrica provides its solutions to companies operating in the UK, Europe, North America, and APAC regions.

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About IntelliQ

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, IntelliQ is the leading provider of Forensic Analysis Solutions. IntelliQ solutions enable clients to efficiently analyse transactional data from multiple sources and quickly identify instances of potential fraud, loss or failure of process compliance. With a strong presence in the Retail, Financial and Government sectors, IntelliQ’s solutions generate rapid, substantial and sustainable returns.

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