What is Nominator®


Forecasting Software

Nominator® is the Core Logic Module which drives numerous function and feature modules associated with Energy Load Forecasting and Energy Demand Forecasting.


Gas Flow Forecasting

As with electricity, Matrica's Nominator® core energy modelling and forecasting system is used extensively for Gas demand forecasting by distributors and shippers for nominations and procurement. It is also implemented with pipeline operators to assess and plan for capacity in their line packs.


Renewable Generation Forecasting

The module has been developed using the proven and reliable Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technology which is demonstrably successful in our gas and electricity systems.

Matrica forecasts Solar generation.

Energy Demand Forecasting

The core Nominator® product has been developed for energy demand modelling and forecasting and is a well established product in the de-regulated Energy markets. It is designed around a core system with additional bespoke modules to accommodate clients' specific needs efficiently and cost effectively.

Key Benefits of Nominator®

  • Ready made system to meet with compliance requirements of liberalised energy markets
  • Minimise cost of imbalance charges thereby maximising operational profits
  • Minimise risk and maximise profit in energy trading
  • Maximise clients' investments with sophisticated and flexible demand & load management capabilities
  • Optiomise the operational efficiency through careful load management and accurate predictions for the short & medium terms
  • Optimising returns on investment through the long term forecast for capital investment and asset management


MATRICA - Nominator® Product Information


Matrica provides energy data management and forecasting solutions for the electricity, gas, emissions, and renewables sectors.


Nominator Software

Nominator® is the registered trademark of the Nominator software which is produced, distributed and supported by Matrica.

Matrica offers energy market participants, corporations, government agencies, and academic researchers a powerful forecasting and data analytics tool through a ground-breaking, easy to use business object-oriented interface .

Our Nominator® software suite is built around a generic and flexible data management system. Business logic and data processing are contained in a series of additional modules so the system functionality can be tailored to each user requirements. The flexibility of the system means that it can be applied to any business sector.

There is a Nominator® ‘big data’ option for users looking to take advantage of the latest advances in IoT, smart meters, intelligent grids, dynamic load management, intra-day and automated trading, predictive maintenance, and weather data provision technologies.



Nominator® Forecasting and Energy Modelling Modules



Nominator Software Chart

The Nominator® application includes a core logic module that drives numerous functional modules supporting electricity load and renewable generation forecasting, gas demand forecasting, data management, energy price forecasting, risk simulation, reporting, and cost modelling. Nominator®s modular design means that it is highly configurable to meet each client's specific needs whilst being capable of expanding as the client's functional requirements grow. This beneficial and cost-effective approach is strongly endorsed by our clients.

Forecasting Modules

Nominator Software Forecast
  • Forecasting Methodologies: Nominator® offers numerous statistical and mathematical algorithms as well as artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technologies. This combines advance techniques with the ease of use resulting in flexibility, speed and optimum accuracy in results and reliability of performance.
  • Customer Load Profiling: enables rules-based or data-driven creation of load profiles for a customer type, individual large users, or an entire portfolio at customer or national levels.
  • Multiple Data Granularities and Forecasting Horizons: Fully user-definable. The data resolution intervals and observed periods can be from a few minutes to yearly. Nominator® can produce forecasts for most of the world’s gas and electricity markets, for short, medium and long term time horizons at varying granularities ranging from several minutes to many years ahead.
  • Renewable Generation : Nominator® uses a series of complex algorithms, power curves and weather variables to produce reliable forecasts for a wide range of generation technologies including: Wind, Solar, Hydro, Wave, Biomass, CHP and other renewable Power Generations.
  • Load Management & Battery Storage: Nominator® supports full incorporation of planned load management schedules in demand forecasts, including any battery charging/discharging regimes.
Predictive Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance & Unscheduled Outage Forecasting: Using sensor data, Nominator® can be used to forecast physical assets in danger of imminent failure, and thus optimise the deployment of maintenance resources to pre-empt unscheduled outages.
  • Volume Risk and Trade Management: This Module calculates volume risk, potential energy imbalance penalties, and evaluates alternative purchasing strategies. Load forecasts can be evaluated based on a list of tradable contracts and forward curves of energy imbalance and contract prices.
  • Price Forecasting Users can adapt the forecasting models created by Matrica as well as having the ability to create their own models. For the short-term, segmented models can be combined with techniques such as SARIMAX, GARCH, Mean Reversion Jump Diffusion models. For the medium and long-terms, our price profile calculator can be combined with multivariate Neural Networks and Monte Carlo simulation allowing the user to infuse relevant factors and their distribution into the final model.

Energy Modelling

Graph With Pin
  • Incorporation of Energy Market Specific Features such as Transmission and Distribution Line Losses; Cost Calculations, Imbalance Settlement data management, Transportation Charges, Risk Volumes, TRIAD handling and alerts, Grid Correction Factors, Gas Day, clock-changes, calender of holidays and special days, UK specific features such as Elexon Profiles and Data Flows, Xoserve parameters and forecasts, handing Allocations and Attribution, and much more.
  • Scenario Modelling: Nominator® offers scenario modelling or "what-if" as it is an essential practice to ascertain the impact of the unknown or unforeseen events. Nominator® can perform scenario analysis on any variable, including the Monte Carlo simulation.
  • Automation : Nominator® can operate in an automated mode by user defined scripts (CMD files) for all operations including data importing, modelling, forecasting, reporting, exporting, etc. using time or event driven schedules. This removes the need for constant supervision of routine operations.
  • Auditability & Email Alerts : Nominator® provides extensive system log files of all processes that can be viewed or exported for auditing purposes. Exception Messaging, Email alerts, System Feed Back, Log File, and System Console provide a complete audit trail of all activities and operations within Nominator®. The Notification Alert facility enables the ability to run queries on the log file and issue email alert.
Green Graph
  • User Permissions: Nominator® offers comprehensive user permission settings enabling the system administrator to set access and authorisation levels for individuals or group users. The activities of each user are recorded and made available for audit.
  • Data Aggregation: Nominator® supports full aggregation and breakdown of the data stored within the system’s hierarchy.
  • Scalability: Nominator® can be operated through multiple databases and servers and on remote access via the Internet. It can be deployed across multiple virtual machines in multiple locations and countries from one central installation.
  • Other Applications : Nominator® is not only a powerful forecasting tool for the Energy industry Due to its modular structure and flexibility, it can also be applied for any form of business modelling including cost projections and forecasting using a forward curve builder, cost analysis, risk management, and many other specialised functions. Nominator® can be used in other industries such as transportation, and in behavioural and crime-prevention models used by the Financial Sector.



Nominator® Modelling and Analytics Capabilities



Analytics Capabilities

One Platform

User-friendly modelling and forecasting interface allowing construction and comparison of multiple modelling methodologies. The flexibility of the modelling system provides a fast and simple tool for the application of user domain knowledge as well as a fully configurable process for fine-tuning model performance.

Full user control of open modelsand forecasting settings. Best practice values supplied for quick initial analysis and visibility.

Library of over 500 mathematical functions.

Analytics & Function Builder for users to build their own complex routines, incorporating business logic functions and algorithms.

Library of predefined modelling inputs and an intuitive system for creating user-defined inputs.

Model inputs either chosen manually or via automatic feature selection such as the GRNN and Forward Regression algorithms.

Comprehensive Range Of Modelling Techniques

One Platform
  • Multivariate Regression
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Similar/Equivalent Day
  • Profile based forecasting
  • UK’s Elexon and Xoserve forecasting algorithms

Full user visibility over model structure, especially coefficients and parameters.

Statistical and graphical model/forecast performance evaluation tools.

Powerful simulator tool for forecasting based on “what if” conditions, including user-defined scenarios and Monte Carlo simulations.

Full data aggregation offering m ultiple options including user-defined formats. Unrestricted ability to aggregate, filter and combine forecasts from different sites and modelling methods.

Comprehensive, flexible reporting via user-configurable Dashboards and HTML



MATIS Data Management and Analytics



MATIS is a Matrica-designed generic and flexible data storage and management system. With a modular design for business logic and data processing, system functionality can be tailored to individual clients’ data capture, processing, and storage needs across different industries. Developed in the MS .NET framework, the generic and flexible design is ideal for rapid development of customised applications.


MATIS also offers a hosted and managed ‘big data’ service options for clients seeking a fully-scalable, secure cloud-based implementation of Nominator®.

MATIS Data Management - ‘Traditional’ and ‘Big’

One Platform
  • Nominator® supports both traditional relational database and ‘big data’ technologies.
  • The Nominator® ‘big data’ option handles the large data volumes associated with smart meters, intelligent grids, intra-day and automated trading, IoT, and physical asset sensors.
  • A Matrica-hosted and managed Nominator® ‘big data’ service options available.
  • Data Types - supports storage of time-series and any other quantitative data.
  • Generic Data Structure -with unlimited flexible data/ business structures constructed in hierarchies similar to folders and sub-folders in Windows.
  • Multiple Time Zones - allows storing data from different countries.
  • Granularity – data with any granularity/frequency can be stored together related to individual traditional and smart meters, sensors, IoT, multiple utilities, commodities, financial data, contract data etc.
  • Data Explorer - a multi-user “Excel-like” experience with an intuitive user configurable structure to represent business logic and processes allowing easy navigation and exploration of data and models.
  • Data Visualisation - adaptable charting interface to view and analyse data, assumptions, and results.
  • Data Validation - automated data checking to audit imports and stored data.
  • Version Control - clear audit trail of data revisions tracking all previous observations tagged with when and by whom data was modified.
  • Automation - all data management, forecasting and reporting processes can be fully automated.
  • Function Builder - extensive mathematical “Excel-like” function library for data manipulation. Allowing multiple users to collaborate on calculations.
  • User permission – full control over user access rights determining what users can see and do within the system.

Data Connectivity & Systems Integration

One Platform
  • Enables data access, pre-processing and exporting for smooth integration.
  • Supports automated data links to a large number of data sources including XML, Excel, CSV, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and feeds from numerous trading venues.
  • Operated on time-schedules or events and/or manually
  • Interfaces to metering, sensor, and physical asset-optimisation systems.
  • Provides short-term generation and demand inputs into automated, programmatic, and ‘algo’ trading routines for intra-day trading.


One Platform
  • The Dashboard supports a multi-screen display capability.
  • Easy-to-read, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status and historical trends of the company’s key performance indicators to enable instantaneous and informed decisions to be made at a glance.
  • Rapid visual analysis of critical data .
  • User-generated dashboards to suit the different role responsibilities in each department in the company.
  • Compatibility with leading ‘big data’ business information & advanced analytics tools.


Data Connectivity & Systems Integration: enables data access, pre-processing and exporting for smooth integration

One Platform

A Reports Library offering a range of standard reports, available for screen display, print or data export.

Data analytics combines a vast library of mathematical and business functions with a range of mathematical and statistical algorithms enabling the user to build complex equations and business logic, and analyse results with ease.